New wave


New Wave A political party offering hope for British Columbians seeking fairness in politics 

Finally… a political party that truly offers British Columbians something that has never been offered before…

Primary purpose of New wave Party is fielding of candidates for election to the Legislative Assembly.


1. Every elected member of New wave will represent you (the voter) not the party; Work for you not for the party leader.

2. Every elected member of New wave will earn the votes for reelection not buy with your (the voter) money and/or by false promises that can not be delivered.

3. Every elected member of New wave is required to maintain 100% accountability and no intentional misrepresentation tolerated particularly for own or anybody’s undue benefit or advantage . Stretch every hard earned dollar of tax payers to get the most out of it.

4. Automatic dismissal on proven wrong doing without putting the public through unnecessary hassle of signed petition requiring thousands of signatures.

5. Continuously modify/change/improve laws, rules & regulations as required instead of hiding behind the system that is over 100 years old. Set aside certain time period in each calendar year to deal with deficiencies in the system that come to light or sooner if and when required.

6. Provide real justice to every citizen instead of leaving it open for purchase by rich and powerful. Encourage, protect and reward whistle blowers instead of punishing them.

7. While we encourage rewarding exposure of corruption and crime, there will be zero tolerance towards individuals who raise false allegations against anybody.

8. Build incentives in the system for everybody (including politicians) for doing the right things.

9. Improve efficiency in public governing bodies by setting reasonable time limits for handling numerous type of government services. Dragging on unnecessarily for weeks, months and/or years is not acceptable.

10. Ultimate goal is to promote and move toward true democracy and away from elected dictatorship, avoiding waste of public money and time that goes into divide and rule party politics .

The official New wave Website will be available for reference in the near future.

For further information or inquiries please contact us at



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